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The first stage【Rotor installation】

  1. To install a new disc replacement, please grind the surface of old brake pad.
  2. Please clean the surface of the rotor disc with cleaner to remove the oil, grease or dust.
  3. When a exist rotor disc disk is removed, please apply WD-40 or other oil cleaner to remove any contaminants on HUB. Those contaminants may cause the rotor disc bedding improperly and brake vibration.
  4. After the installation disc, please make sure the proper break-in of rotors and pad is done. Raise vehicle in driving 3500rpm with left foot to brake in the car with his left foot brake 3-10 minutes, or at a speed of 10 to 50 km for road driving test of the break-in procedure.
  5. By not properly bedding in pads, uneven pad material deposits can cause that scratch on the rotor disc. And it may cause the brake vibration and rotor disc warp problem eventually.

The second stage【During the usage】

  1. This product is made from a variety of metal alloy. When metal heats highly, use water or other cooling methods rapidly will change its carbon content. And then it will result in cracking or warp phenomena.
  2. If improper operation produces a slight vibration problem, please treading lightly. The deformed portion of the rotor will be gradually eliminated.
  3. The warp rotor disc can be smooth and level by grinding or resurface. The reasons of rotor disc scratch are pad material, severe driving, or driving on muddy roads and the presence of humidity, but the braking action can rub the rust off the friction surfaces for a certain period of driving. If there are deep scratches caused by dust, please remove the contaminants first in order to shorten the time of scratches elimination.

The third stage【Replace the new rotor disc】

  1. The rotor disc is one of normal consumable parts. After one to three sets of brake pad bedded in, please replace the new rotor disc in order to ensure its stability and good brake performance.
  2. The excellence VTTR products are popular with a lots fans and supporters. However, some impostor will make the fake products or other competitors will become scandalmonger. Please recognize all versions color and VTTR logo to make sure your driving safety.

1.brake vibration:

  1. The rapid speed down caused vehicle body resonance
    a. → Replace another version Pads(greater brake power of brake pad is more this situation generated)
    b. → The driver must agree this is a normal phenomenon
  2. newly installed rotor disc (within 500km use), please reinstall the rotor disc and follow the instruction of above disc Installation Notes 4
  3. Often drive with high work temperature (severe driving) → to upgrade the brake pad version
  4. Because of warp hub or deformation→ Replace a new HUB(Please dial gauge measuring 0.15mm or less as normal)

2.Rotor scratch:

  1. When there is any contaminant between rotor and disc, please take off the brake pad and remove the contaminant. After 200-500 Km driving, the rotor surfer will be recovered.
  2. If the high temperature caused the brake pad fade situation, please replace a new brake pad or slow driving about 200-500km.
  3. Install with Racing version brake pad or power racing, the scratch on the rotor disc is a normal phenomenon.
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